Earn with volatility

Pods brings ETH principal protected vaults with the highest upside and lowest risk.

Grow your ETH

Grow your ETH

Grow your ETH

Introducing Pods' strategies/

The first strategy on Pods Yield, stETHvv (Ethereum Volatility Vault) is a low-risk product focused on ETH accumulation. It combines Lido's yield with weekly strangles to earn more every time the ETH price bounces up or down. Read more.

Stay Bullish

Earn with volatility, regardless of the market direction. More volatility means more ETH.

Linear risk
Asymmetric returns

Limited market risk to potential higher upside.


Your principal is always earning. The vault will invest part of the yield with a clear methodology.

Safer exposure

No liquidation risk. The source of yield (Lido) is the market leader in staking services.

Featured StrategystETHvv

Let's assume this Pods strategy was available back in 2015 when ETH was born. How would it have performed until now?

The stETHvv strategy shows higher returns whenever the market experiences intense volatility. In those cases, either calls or puts enter in the money and return more yield to the vault. The wider and the more frequent the movements, the greater the returns.

Pods Vault

3.9% Fixed Yield